Episode 026

Words words words

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(0:29) Welcome and Introduction


  • All Spun Up
  • Loops
  • Events
  • HomeCulture
  • That’s my Story
  • Moment of Drama

(0:51)All Spun Up


I was itching to spin something easy and fun, so I picked up my scrap swap pink batts.   The cool colours from the swap were spun up and used to finish my featherweight cardigan.  It has ended up as about a worsted weight n-plied yarn in a lovely dusty rose colour.

I have also participated in the Spin along on the ravelry board for hilltopcloud using some of her Jacob / Silk Blend 70/30. This ended up as an aran weight n-plied yarn.

My spindle project is the January 2014 fibre club from Wildcraft.  This is a lovely grey corridale overdyed with blues and greens called Reindeer Moss.  I am spinning it up fractally which I spoke about a bit more in episode 4.  I’ll make a Jeweled Cowl by Sachiko Uemura from it which is a free cowl pattern with beads.

(8:35) Loops


I have finally finished my  Pomme de Pin cardigan!  I even found perfect buttons for it in my button stash.  They were part of a UK handspun magic yarn ball swap and are handmade wooden toggles.

I have been participating in the Clincher KAL on Instagram hosted by HandmadeByAllieCat its #clincherspringkal.  I used my finished hilltop cloud yarn above and then the March 2012 fibre club from LongdrawJames in really bright pinks and purples.    Here’s a photo of me on holiday visiting Well’s Cathedral and sporting my cowl.

Finished my Clincher and sported it today at Well's Cathedral #clincherspringkal #knitting #handspun

I decided to do a baby bootee knit along with my mom, we used the EZ Bootees pattern.  I used up lots of odds and ends from my stash including yarn from Interlacements dyed by Judi Ditmore back when she was still the owner.

On the Needles – 

I’ll feature these next time but I do have socks and a shawl on the needles at the moment.

(20:59) Events

WonderWool Wales

The next event I will be attending is Wonderwool.  This takes place April 26th – 27th at the Royal Welsh Showground Builth Wells.

(28:22) HomeCulture

What’s Cooking

We made three kinds of ravioli – sausage and tomato sauce, squash and walnut, shropshire white and cream cheese with chili and lemon

I used the pasta recipe from the cookbook Plenty written by Yotam Ottolenghi as a guide and the rest we made up from there.

To top it all off I made an amazing crumble using day old bread for the topping, and a filling of apple and local rhubarb.

 (31:45) That’s my story

Passwords and writing

I’ve been thinking about the need to change passwords due to the Heartbleed bug- this lead me to start using a free service offered by Lastpass

To try to increase my productivity with show notes and general creativity I have downloaded OmmWriter and taken up the 500 words a day challenge inspired by inkygirl

(38:19) Moment of Drama

Twelfth Night  Act 3 scene i


No, indeed, sir; the Lady Olivia has no folly: will keep no fool, sir, till she be married; and fools are as like husbands as pilchards are to herrings; the husband’s the bigger: I am indeed not her fool, but her corrupter of words.

(40:11) Shall we Shog?

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