Episode 003


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(00:30) Welcome


  • All Spun Up
  • Loops
  • HomeCulture
  • That’s my story
  • American English
  • Moment of Drama

(00:48) All Spun Up

Off the wheel

Sloe Berries colourway – Z-twist single, 300 grams

Dyed by Wildcraft (shop at www.wildcraft.co.uk)
On the wheel

New concept yarn1st ply –  HilltopCloud (http://www.hilltopcloud.co.uk) hand dyed Cloudy Rainbow Roving
70% BFL 30% Silk hand pulled roving – spun thick and thin
IMG_6626  IMG_8757


Roving is carded fibre pulled (or dizzed) into a continuous length
Top is combed fibre pulled into a continuous length
Article by Abby Franquemont in Spin-off (this is a download)

2nd ply – Silver Grey pure tussah silk
Dyed by Wildcraft (shop at www.wildcraft.co.uk)


Expecting 500 gram order of custom blended top from World of Wool (http://www.worldofwool.co.uk)

My Blend:  http://www.worldofwool.co.uk/myblends/8fjlq8

40% Grey Shetland
40% Grey Merino

20% Bleached Tussah SilkI want to spin some as is and then dye and spin some to make a Hitchhiker  based on a project that merges this Mixed wave cowl pattern with it.  Knitting this for a KAL on Instagram with the hashtag #HHKAL13

My first hitchhiker (Project page on Ravelry)

Have scoured some shetland fleece from a friend; now drying out so that I can spin into a sweater.

(10:25) Loops

On the needles

Working on Zuzu’s Petals by Carina Spencer

I’ve knit up to row 32 and I’m going to go back to row 17 and then knit to the end of the pattern.

Frogged a whole sweater and ended up with a lot of Noro Kureyon


(17:56) HomeCulture

In my mug

Glenmorangie (Highland whiskey) hot toddy

Combine freshly boiled hot water, fresh lemon juice, honey and your choice of whiskey.

What’s baking

Samoas (the famous girl scout cookie)







The online recipe I used is from the Just a Taste blog:

My cookies:

What’s Cooking

Tempura Pork balls

Cut a pork chop into 1 in cubes and deep fry.  Drain on paper towels.
Dip in tempura batter and deep fry. Drain.
Dip once again in batter and deep fry.  Drain and serve with stir-fried veggies.

To make the batter:
Mix a handful of plain flour with a pinch of  sea salt, and add cold lemonade (i.e. sprite or 7-Up) until you have a thin batter (like the consistency of paint).

(24:03) That’s my story


The crocuses
Today's #crocus a beautiful mix of the white and purple flowers that surround it. All closed up after the spring shower.  IMG_1553

The daffodils

IMG_1554 IMG_1555

(27:02) American English


In the States – a traditional pressed lemon juice with water and sugar

  • Pink Lemonade – add strawberries or raspberries
  • A lovely Shirley Temple – Lemon-lime soda (i.e. Sprite or 7-Up, grenadine syrup, and should be garnished with a maraschino cherry (still trying to find the cherries up here or maybe I’m just not cute enough 😉
It's Shirley Temple time! #cocktails #shirleytemple

In England – a fizzy sweet lemon flavoured soft drink

The computer game Lemonade Stand, created in 1979

At your own risk… (link to a PC re-make http://www.hotud.org/component/content/article/46-simulation/22650)

(31:28) Moment of Drama




Sonnet xcviii (98)

From you have I been absent in the spring,
When proud pied April, dressed in all his trim,
Hath put a spirit of youth in every thing,
That heavy Saturn laughed and leapt with him.
Yet nor the lays of birds, nor the sweet smell
Of different flowers in odour and in hue,
Could make me any summer’s story tell,
Or from their proud lap pluck them where they grew:
Nor did I wonder at the lily’s white,
Nor praise the deep vermilion in the rose;
They were but sweet, but figures of delight,
Drawn after you, you pattern of all those.
Yet seemed it winter still, and you away,
As with your shadow I with these did play.

(33:57) Shall we Shog?

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