Episode 004


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(00:30) Introduction


  • All Spun Up – Spinning
  • Loops – Knitting
  • HomeCulture
  • That’s my story
  • American English
  • Moment of Drama

(00:55) All Spun Up

Off the wheel

My concept / art yarn – Every Cloud has a silver lining

Uses the stack traps technique in Jacey Boggs Spin Art book (Amazon book link)

1st ply –  HilltopCloud (http://www.hilltopcloud.co.uk) hand dyed Cloudy Rainbow Roving
70% BFL 30% Silk
2nd ply – Silver Grey 100% pure tussah silk dyed by Wildcraft (shop at www.wildcraft.co.uk)
Traps – natural white BFL



On the wheel

A sweaters worth of fibre!  700 grams of Special Golden Potpourri custom dyed by Wildcraft similar to her standard colourway potpourri on brown bfl (shop at www.wildcraft.co.uk)
Spinning as a 2-ply fractal yarn (link to a great blog post on fractal spinning http://knit.colourfuldesigns.co.uk/?p=91)


Fractal spun yarn knit up into Toasties handwarmers:

Fractal entry on Wikipedia

A fractal is a mathematical set that has a fractal dimension that usually exceeds its topological dimension and may fall between the integers. Fractals are typically self-similar patterns, where self-similar means they are “the same from near as from far”. Fractals may be exactly the same at every scale, or, as illustrated in Figure 1, they may be nearly the same at different scales. The definition of fractal goes beyond self-similarity per se to exclude trivial self-similarity and include the idea of a detailed pattern repeating itself.

A fractal 🙂

I was right it is Mandelbrot.

The Fractalist: Memoir of a Scientific Maverick by Benoit Mandelbrot (Amazon link http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/0307377350)


500 gram order of custom blended top from World of Wool (http://www.worldofwool.co.uk)

40% Grey Shetland
40% Grey Merino

20% Bleached Tussah Silk

The WoW package as it arrived, Henry V is for size reference
The two 500 g packs of fibre inside
My 500 g custom blend all aired out
The 500 g of botany lap waste all aired out

Botany Lap waste (http://www.worldofwool.co.uk/search.php?st=Botany+Lap+Waste+per+500g)

My haul

Blending Hackle from Wingham Wool (http://www.winghamwoolwork.co.uk/wool-combs/456-wingham-hackle.html)

(22:43) Loops

Off the needles

Finished Zuzu’s Petals by Carina Spencer
More detail on my project page on Ravelry

On the needles

12 Yellow Top from Rebecca Magazine #36 (pattern link here and Magazine homepage here)
More detail on my project page on RavelryPrimroses yarn (handspun aran weight 480 yds)
70% BFL 30% Silk – 2 plies are the natural top, 1 ply the Wildcraft March 2012 fibre club in the colourway primroses: the pin version
IMG_6519  IMG_8812

Wild primroses:

(32:48) HomeCulture

What’s Cooking

Sausage Soup
Take some flavourful sausages out of the casings.
Sauté in a little olive oil.  Add in two cans of tinned tomatoes, and 250 mL of chickbroth (I also added in 250 mL of vegetable broth but you can do all chicken if you like)
Add in 1 can of cannellini beans and salt and pepper to taste.  We save the rinds from our parmesan so I always add in one of those to soups while simmering as it gives it great flavour.
Serve with fresh bread an grated parmesan on top.

What’s baking

Tartine Bread

The cookbook by Chad Robertson on Amazon (http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/0811870413)

My standard bread making book: ARTISAN BREAD IN 5 MINUTES A DAY: The Discovery That Revolutionizes Home Baking by Jeff Hertzberg & Zoe Francois  (http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/0312362919)

(36:21) That’s my story

Blizzard conditions…in March…in England…in the Midlands?

(38:02) American English

Brew up!

I dont’ think I explained this as well as I could have, but I’ll carry on anyway.
This is the informal british phrase for making a cup or pot of tea.

Best way to avoid tea scum if you live where there is hard water?  Put the milk in first, if you don’t take milk in your tea a little lemon juice first will also do the trick.  Also use water just off the boil, fill you cup and then slip the tea bag in.  Voila!  No tea scum 🙂

(41:24) Moment of Drama

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Act 1 Scene i

HERMIA. Take comfort: he no more shall see my face;
Lysander and myself will fly this place.
Before the time I did Lysander see,
Seem’d Athens as a paradise to me.
O, then, what graces in my love do dwell,
That he hath turn’d a heaven unto a hell!

LYSANDER. Helen, to you our minds we will unfold:
To-morrow night, when Phoebe doth behold
Her silver visage in the wat’ry glass,
Decking with liquid pearl the bladed grass,
A time that lovers’ flights doth still conceal,
Through Athens’ gates have we devis’d to steal.
HERMIA. And in the wood where often you and I
Upon faint primrose beds were wont to lie,
Emptying our bosoms of their counsel sweet,
There my Lysander and myself shall meet;
And thence from Athens turn away our eyes,
To seek new friends and stranger companies.
Farewell, sweet playfellow; pray thou for us,
And good luck grant thee thy Demetrius!
Keep word, Lysander; we must starve our sight
From lovers’ food till morrow deep midnight.

(45:30) Shall we Shog?

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