Episode 010

Perfect Pentameter

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(00:29) Introduction to Episode 10


  • All Spun Up – Spinning
  • Loops – Knitting
  • HomeCulture
  • That’s my story
  • American English
  • Moment of Drama

(1:20)All Spun Up


My handspun for a Magic yarn ball swap
Hilltopcloud roving purchased at Wonderwool: 40% shetland, 40% merino, 10% firestar, 10% llame

I called it Smaug after the Hobbit

On the wheel

I have started on my WoW grey blend: www.worldofwool.co.uk/myblends/8fjlq8
40% Grey Shetland, 40% Grey Merino, 20% Bleached Tussah Silk

Time to get ready for the Tour de Fleece!

Starts on Saturday June 29 and runs until Sunday July 21st
Guidelines are to spin every day the cyclists do and to play nice 🙂

(12:39) Loops


Mouches by Susanne Reese have come off the needles and I am really pleased with them.
Second sock finished! I love them #moucheskal13 #knitting

Cast On

I started the Vixen Shawl by Tori Gurbiszwith some of the yarn I received in my magic yarn ball swap.  A really beautiful n-plied yarn in 50 % corriedale 25% grey corriedale 25% banana fibre.  I have 339 yards to work with.
IMG_9197 Cast on the Vixen shawl this morning and made loads more progress tonight. Love it!

(18:38) HomeCulture

What’s Cooking

Meatballs from The Best Recipe and we used some lovely fruit bread in place of white bread

What’s growing…well sortof

Cress – I wanted to do alfalfa sprouts which should have looked like this

Going to the directions from this website: greenerlivingideas

(23:57) That’s my story

A new site that has a lot of features for spinners – it is still in beta but great things will be happening I think.

(27:40) American English

Siri – Where can I get some tomatos?

(29:47) Moment of Drama

The Spanish Tragedy by Thomas Kyd

Act 1 Scene iii

This scarf I plucked from off his lifeless arm,
And wear it in remembrance of my friend.
I know the scarf: would he had kept it still;
For ’twas my favor at his last depart.
But now wear thou it both for him and me,
For after him thou hast deserved it best.
But for thy kindness in his life and death,
Be sure, while Bel-imperia’s life endures,
She will be Don Horatio’s thankful friend.
HORATIO: And [Madam] Don Horatio will not slack
Humbly to serve fair Bel-imperia.
But now, if your good liking stand thereto,
I’ll crave your pardon to go seek the Prince,
For so the Duke, your father, gave me charge.
Aye, go Horatio, leave me here alone,
For solitude best fits my cheerless mood. [Exit.]
Yet what avails to wail Andrea’s death,
From whence Horatio proves my second love?
Had he not loved Andrea as he did,
He could not sit in Bel-imperia’s thoughts.
But how can love find harbor in my breast,
Til I revenge the death of my beloved?
Yes, second love shall further my revenge:
I’ll love Horatio, my Andrea’s friend,
The more to spite the Prince that wrought his end.
And where Don Balthazar, that slew my love,
Himself now pleads for favor at my hands,
He shall, in rigor of my just disdain,
Reap long repentance for his murderous deed:
For what was’t else but murd’rous cowardice,
So many to oppress one valiant knight,
Without respect of honor in the fight?
And here he comes that murdered my delight.
[Enter Lorenzo and Balthazar.]

(35:01) Shall we Shog?

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