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Orpheus’ Music

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(01:14)All Spun Up

On the wheel

Progress updates:
July 14 – Day 16 (Stage 15)
Plied my second cherry blossoms skein.
Started my LimeGreenJelly braid Carousel colours which I am spinning from the fold as an S-twist single. Thimbleweed Shawl by Aino Haikala.
July 15 – Day 17 rest
Didn’t do much spinning over the weekend so made up for it a bit today with a little more. Also washed the other finished skeins.
July 16 – Day 18 (Stage 16)
Finished my LGJ yarn and started on my challenge fibre: Flax
July 17 – Day 19 (Stage 17)
Tiny bit of morning spinning with the flax.  No evening spinning as I was on a massive ramble.
July 18 – Day 20 (Stage 18) CHALLENGE DAY
Worked on the flax more, hard on my fingerprints. I was finding the plant fibre sliding through my thumb and forefinger even when wetted made them ever so slightly sore. Really fun though. Spinning it S-twist due to ‘advice’ that that is the way that plants turn when they grow. Very thin single with slow treadling as I don’t want to end up with twine.
Also did some support/drop spindling on my glass bottom whorl spindle. This was fun but it is so hot here my hand started to sweat so I only did a little bit. Was using a sample of  Swan from Hilltop Cloud.
July 19 – Day 21 (Stage 19)
Started on my sampler packed that I ordered when I first started spinning from Colourful Designs. Think these will round out my tour yarns. Going to spin them all the same as true three ply about DK weight. Can then evaluate all the different breeds and colours and make a baby blanket. Hopefully one of my many pregnant friends will have a boy as it is a teal blue and white.
July 20 – Day 22 (Stage 20)
Finished the other 5 mini turquoise skeins and they are hanging up to dry. Started in on one last surprise braid, a pastel gradient from HilltopCloud. I got this in her pot luck sale and it is pale pink moving into , lavender, blue, green and then yellow. Spinning it up as a 2 ply sport/DK weight. Got 50 g spun and plied.
July 21 – Day 23 (Stage 21)
So far so good. Been reskeining for final measurements and washing things. Also working on the last 50 grams of hilltopcloud and will make a final push to do the undyed sampler pack before the end of the day. Whew! Next time I’ll weigh in with all my yardages. Should be a fun finish!

(14:51) Loops

On the Needles

Still only a row or two on the socks…Nine-to-Five Socks by Nicole Hindes

(16:13) HomeCulture

What’s Cooking

More bread making and…

Jelly and Ice Cream!

I made homemade jello as Paul wanted grape flavoured and we had grape juice in already.  I also had frozen grapes in the freezer (a real summer heat treat in and of themselves)

Start with 1 tablespoon unflavoured gelatin sprinkled in ¼ cup of cold water.  Let that spread out for about 1 minute. Then add ¼ cup hot water (just off the boil). Stir until dissolved and add cold grape juice (we used purple but white would work too) to make it up to 2 cups. Pour into your container and add frozen grapes to taste 🙂 then put in the fridge to set.  Ours was left about 3 hrs and was ready.  The frozen grapes help to set the jello faster.  Serve with real vanilla ice cream and fell like a kid again. Also frozen grapes are awesome on a hot day on their own.  Great for older kids too!

(19:53) That’s my story

Long Evening Ramble

Lovely views and this photo doesn’t do it justice.

(23:37) American English

Tortilla Chips


From Wikipedia:

A tortilla chip (/tɔrˈtiː.ə tʃɪp/)is a snack food made from corn tortillas, which are cut into wedges and then fried (alternatively they may be discs pressed out of corn masa then fried or baked). Corn tortillas are made of corn,vegetable oil, salt and water. Although first mass-produced in Los Angeles in the late 1940s,[1] tortilla chips are considered to be a Mexican food, known as tostados.[2] Though usually made of yellow corn (as pictured), they can also be made of white,blue, or red corn

Also Nachos: In their simplest form, nachos are tortilla chips (totopos) covered in nacho cheese or shredded cheese and/or salsa. First created circa 1943 by Ignacio “Nacho” Anaya, the original nachos consisted of fried corn tortillas covered with melted cheddar cheese and sliced jalapeño peppers

(30:29) Moment of Drama

Orpheus’ Music

The Merchant of Venice Act V Scene i

Lorenzo The reason is, your spirits are attentive:
For do but note a wild and wanton herd,
Or race of youthful and unhandled colts,
Fetching mad bounds, bellowing and neighing loud,
Which is the hot condition of their blood;
If they but hear perchance a trumpet sound,
Or any air of music touch their ears,
You shall perceive them make a mutual stand,
Their savage eyes turn’d to a modest gaze
By the sweet power of music: therefore the poet
Did feign that Orpheus drew trees, stones and floods;
Since nought so stockish, hard and full of rage,
But music for the time doth change his nature.
The man that hath no music in himself,
Nor is not moved with concord of sweet sounds,
Is fit for treasons, stratagems and spoils;
The motions of his spirit are dull as night
And his affections dark as Erebus:
Let no such man be trusted. Mark the music.

Two Gentlemen of Verona Act III Scene ii

Proteus  Say that upon the altar of her beauty
You sacrifice your tears, your sighs, your heart:
Write till your ink be dry, and with your tears
Moist it again, and frame some feeling line
That may discover such integrity:
For Orpheus’ lute was strung with poets’ sinews,
Whose golden touch could soften steel and stones,
Make tigers tame and huge leviathans
Forsake unsounded deeps to dance on sands.
After your dire-lamenting elegies,
Visit by night your lady’s chamber-window
With some sweet concert; to their instruments
Tune a deploring dump: the night’s dead silence
Will well become such sweet-complaining grievance.
This, or else nothing, will inherit her.

Henry VIII Act III Scene i

Queen Katharine Take thy lute, wench: my soul grows sad with troubles;
Sing, and disperse ’em, if thou canst: leave working.

She Sings
Orpheus with his lute made trees,
And the mountain tops that freeze,
Bow themselves when he did sing:
To his music plants and flowers
Ever sprung; as sun and showers
There had made a lasting spring.
Every thing that heard him play,
Even the billows of the sea,
Hung their heads, and then lay by.
In sweet music is such art,
Killing care and grief of heart
Fall asleep, or hearing, die

(37:20) Shall we Shog?

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