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To the Reader

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(00:28) Welcome


  • All Spun Up
  • Loops
  • Events
  • HomeCulture
  • That’s my story
  • American English
  • Moment of Drama

(1:33)All Spun Up

Tour de Fleece round up

From the top right corner of Fluff clockwise:

  • All the fibre set aside to spin during the TdF
  • Challenge day Flax, spun S plied Z, 2-ply Linen yarn: 24 yds – dyed by me
  • Turquoise fibre sampler pack, 10 mini skeins of true 3-ply: 104 yds – Colourful Designs
  • Dyed Portland fleece, longdraw true 3-ply: 82 yds – mini n-ply skein: 8 yds – Freyalyn
  • Tweedy yarn, hand carded from falkland, silk noil, and merino, longdraw true 3-ply: 94 yds – Falkland from My Heart Exposed, Silk from HilltopCloud
  • Carousel colours, s-twist single: 334 yds – LimeGreenJelly
  • Bleak Midwinter, 2-ply: 198 yds – HilltopCloud
  • Spring Fling, 2-ply: 142 yds – HilltopCloud
  • Natural fibre sampler pack, 5 mini skeins n-plied: 44 yds – Colourful Designs
  • Team Fibre Puffin challenge swap art yarn, hackle blended, thread plied: 146 yds
  • Spot Spins EWB, n-plied: 42 yds – Wildcraft
  • Wildcraft Cherry Blossoms fibre club, 2-ply: 172 yds – Wildcraft

Whew, that makes 1390 yards spun during the tour which is 0.8 of a mile!

(11:09) Loops

On the Needles

Nine-to-Five Socks by Nicole Hindes These are my Lemony socks.

Cast on 

Media Pocket for Kindle or iPad by Jeffrey Schindler using Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran

(16:12) Events

Wildcraft Spin-in

Friday 6th – Sunday 9th September 2013

Details on the Wildcraft website

(17:22) HomeCulture

What’s Cooking

Smoky Chipotle Lime Prawn Salsa on Avocado Mash from http://honestcooking.com  recipe by Martyna Candrick

Smoky Sweet Chipotle Paste Recipe  http://foodiesarsenal.com

I buy my chillies online from http://www.mexgrocer.co.uk/ : Chipotle Chillies “MORITA”

(22:50) That’s my story

Gardening in our Allotment

(25:33) American English

Vegetable names

  • Corgette : Zuchinni
  • Aubergine: Eggplant
  • Spring Onions : Scallions or Green Onions
  • Sweede :Rutabaga
  • Beetroot :Beets

A great website that features this as well http://separatedbyacommonlanguage.blogspot.co.uk

(28:19) Moment of Drama

The Alchemist by Ben Jonson


If thou beest more, thou art an understander, and then I trust thee. If thou art one that takest up, and but a pretender, beware of what hands thou receivest thy commodity; for thou wert never more fair in the way to be cozened, than in this age, in poetry, especially in plays: wherein, now the concupiscence of dances and of antics so reigneth, as to run away from nature, and be afraid of her, is the only point of art that tickles the spectators. But how out of purpose, and place, do I name art? When the professors are grown so obstinate contemners of it, and presumers on their own naturals, as they are deriders of all diligence that way, and, by simple mocking at the terms, when they understand not the things, think to get off wittily with their ignorance. Nay, they are esteemed the more learned, and sufficient for this, by the many, through their excellent vice of judgment. For they commend writers, as they do fencers or wrestlers; who if they come in robustuously, and put for it with a great deal of violence, are received for the braver fellows: when many times their own rudeness is the cause of their disgrace, and a little touch of their adversary gives all that boisterous force the foil. I deny not, but that these men, who always seek to do more than enough, may some time happen on some thing that is good, and great; but very seldom; and when it comes it doth not recompense the rest of their ill. It sticks out, perhaps, and is more eminent, because all is sordid and vile about it: as lights are more discerned in a thick darkness, than a faint shadow. I speak not this, out of a hope to do good to any man against his will; for I know, if it were put to the question of theirs and mine, the worse would find more suffrages: because the most favour common errors. But I give thee this warning, that there is a great difference between those, that, to gain the opinion of copy, utter all they can, however unfitly; and those that use election and a mean. For it is only the disease of the unskilful, to think rude things greater than polished; or scattered more numerous than composed.

Link to the full play at Project Gutenberg

(34:05) Shall we Shog?

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