Episode 018


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(00:29) Welcome and Introduction


  • All Spun Up
  • Loops
  • Events
  • HomeCulture
  • That’s my story
  • American English
  • Moment of Drama

(1:02)All Spun Up

On the wheel

I started a HilltopCloud Superwash BFL/ramie blend in beautiful reds

I am aiming for a DK/sport weight so I can make a puerperium cardigan by Kelly Brooker

(3:35) Loops


I have finished two Media Pockets for Kindle by Jeffrey Schindler one for me in red Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran and one in a purple mystery stash yarn for Paul.


On the needles

I cast on another project – my All and Sundry shawl.  This is Sundry by Jennifer Dassau and my yarns were spun during the Tour de Fleece.

Main Colour – Wildcraft Cherry Blossoms fibre club, 2-ply: 172 yds
Contrasting Colour – HilltopCloud Bleak Midwinter, 2-ply: 198 yds

(10:05) Events

Wildcraft Spin-in

Friday 6th – Sunday 9th September 2013

Details on the Wildcraft website

We will be camping and bringing along our Biolite stove to try for the first time


(15:21) HomeCulture

What’s Cooking

Not much but I am working on a new bread dough, not sure how that will go…

(16:45) That’s my story

Holiday in Sark, Channel Islands

A wonderful place to visit: www.sark.co.uk

This is a panoramic view of the sea from La Coupe at sunset.


(20:20) American English

Island Nation

Living in England as an island nation vs growing up in the landlocked state of Colorado.


(22:35) Moment of Drama

The Island Princess by John Fletcher

Act I Scene i

Quisara. Do some brave thing that may entice me that way,
Some thing of such a meritorious goodness,
Of such an unmatcht nobleness, that I may know
You have a power beyond ours that preserves you:
‘Tis not the person, nor the royal title,
Nor wealth, nor glory, that I look upon,
That inward man I love that’s lin’d with virtue,
That well deserving soul works out a favor;
I have many Princes suiters, many great ones,
Yet above these I love you, you are valiant,
An active man, able to build a fortune;
I do not say I dote, nor meane to marry,
Only the hope is, something may be done,
That may compel my faith, and ask my freedome,
And leave opinion fair.

(25:07) Shall we Shog?

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