Episode 020

Spin-in 2013

Listen here: [audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/2bannab/2BAnnaB_Episode_020.m4a]

(00:27) Welcome and Introduction


  • All Spun Up
  • Loops
  • Events
  • HomeCulture
  • American English
  • Moment of Drama

(1:30)All Spun Up

My new wheel

I have sold my Ashford Traditional and now have a Kromski Mazura.  She’s a beautiful little wheel.

On the wheel

July 2013 fibre club from Wildcraft in Geraniums, a superwash bfl

On my spindle

Optim Merino from LongDrawJames in Beaches colourway

(12:20) Loops

On the Needles

Close to finishing my Pomme de Pin cardigan


All and Sundry shawl
The pattern is Sundry by Jennifer Dassau.

Cast on

The elephant toy Elijah by Ysolda Teague

(17:51) Events

Wildcraft Spin-in Re-Cap (loads of photos)

Early morning with Smallest (photo credit: Karen from Wildcraft click for flickr photostream)

Fruits of the dyeing and carding classes

Top braid: English Wool Blend (EWB) my test colourway for the main braids
Next down: Falkland in the colourway Tourmaline
Two matching gradient braids: 100 g of white shetland and 100g grey shetland
Bottom right nest: carded Ryeland fleece
Bottom left nests: my UK scrap swap carding in stormy dusk colours

My new support spindle: freshwater pearls and heather in the bowl
And Karen has a new support spindle club as well as a spindle update coming up in the shop! Wildcraft

Our biolite in action

Visiting the sheep

(44:14) HomeCulture

Allotment news

Our first harvest!

(45:48) American English

Marshmallow roasting and S’mores

(49:04) Moment of Drama

Titus Andronicus

Act II, Scene iii


My lovely Aaron, wherefore look’st thou sad,
When every thing doth make a gleeful boast?
The birds chant melody on every bush,
The snake lies rolled in the cheerful sun,
The green leaves quiver with the cooling wind
And make a chequer’d shadow on the ground:
Under their sweet shade, Aaron, let us sit,
And, whilst the babbling echo mocks the hounds,
Replying shrilly to the well-tuned horns,
As if a double hunt were heard at once,
Let us sit down and mark their yelping noise;
And, after conflict such as was supposed
The wandering prince and Dido once enjoy’d,
When with a happy storm they were surprised
And curtain’d with a counsel-keeping cave,
We may, each wreathed in the other’s arms,
Our pastimes done, possess a golden slumber;
Whiles hounds and horns and sweet melodious birds
Be unto us as is a nurse’s song
Of lullaby to bring her babe asleep.

(52:27) Shall we Shog?

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