Episode 022

Lapland Sorcerers

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(00:29) Welcome and Introduction


  • All Spun Up
  • Loops
  • HomeCulture
  • American English
  • That’s my Story
  • Moment of Drama

(4:37) All Spun Up


I have finished my Chrysalis yarn and it looks great.  I still have some fibre from the waste wool bag so I might do a coordinating yarn to go with it. which is two fairly thin plies from a Wildcraft reyland/texel cross batt in natural white with trapped waste wool from HilltopCloud.


Started and Finished

Some beautiful looking blending board rolls made of BFL/Alpaca/Silk/Gold Sparkle 120g  I spun half of them up into a wonderful light fingering weight single ply yarn. I didn’t actually like using the blending board rolls (some call them rolags) they had too much fibre in them and aren’t a true woollen prep.

I need more yarn for my pomme de pin cardigan so I have divided my last braid of fibre fractally to match.  I finished that quite quickly after the blending board rolls were done.

On the Wheel

I started a braid of falkland dyed by MandaCrafts (http://www.mandacrafts.co.uk/)which I received in a magic fibre ball swap at the Wildcraft spin-in in 2012.  It has been earmarked for a Wurm hat for me since I unwrapped the fibre.

Also in progress is the October Phat fiber sampler box.  I was lucky enough to snag one of these boxes but disappointed that customs held onto it for entirely too long!  It arrived in the UK on the 28th October only a few days after it was mailed.  I didn’t get the card to come collect it and pay duties until November 11th.  But the spinning has been a lot of fun.  I might do one again if I can stomach the customs fees.

Learn a little

There was supposed to be a video of how I roll the spindle on my thigh but the camera audio was so bad I can’t use the video.  I’ll try to do another one soon and hopefully it will work better. That’s part of the huge delay in getting show notes up, I was trying to fix it!

(22:12) Loops

On the Needles

Close to finishing my Pomme de Pin cardigan first sleeve is done and I have started the second.  Then just the button band to go!

Just started my Christmas Knitting which is a secret so I’ll talk more about it next time.  I am designing my own colourwork chart though which has been fun.


I finished the fingerless mitts for my secret santa at work which I made from the blending board rolls. I adapted a free pattern on ravelry that I have in my queue: Knotty Gloves by Julia Mueller.  I knit them just as the pattern was written until I got to the bottom of my pinkie and then just did 5 rows of the 2×2 ribbing and used the super stretchy bind-off.  Then I went back and picked up for the thumb knitting about 3 rows and binding off with the stretchy bind-off again.

(25:47) HomeCulture

Halloween Pumpkin

Turns out I saw it on the Martha Stewart website: http://www.marthastewart.com/852771/fanged-pumpkins

Belly Pork

We made this recipe crisp ciderbraised pork belly from BBC GoodFood and it was so yummy!

You can also see the advent candle I made in the photo above.  I printed numbers onto tissue paper using our inkjet, cut it out and then used the hairdryer to melt it onto the candle.  Voila!

There is a great youtube tutorial here on how to print onto tissue paper.

I purchased the beeswax candles online at Golden Honey

(23:27) That’s my Story

Hamlet broadcast at the Vue Cinema

And the follow-up e-mail from BarBurrito

(39:50) American English

Halloween and Thanksgiving

(44:03) Moment of Drama

A Comedy of Errors Act IV Scene iii

Antipholus of Syracuse

There’s not a man I meet but doth salute me
As if I were their well-acquainted friend;
And every one doth call me by my name.
Some tender money to me; some invite me;
Some other give me thanks for kindnesses;
Some offer me commodities to buy:
Even now a tailor call’d me in his shop
And show’d me silks that he had bought for me,
And therewithal took measure of my body.
Sure, these are but imaginary wiles
And Lapland sorcerers inhabit here.

(46:08) Shall we Shog?


p.s. the next episode (first of 2014) is recorded and should drop by 16th Feb 🙂

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