A podcast all about what it is like 2B AnnaB.

I’ll mostly be talking about knitting, spinning, cooking, what it’s like living in the UK as an American, and a little Early Modern Drama thrown in there for fun.

I learned how to spin in November 2009 and it has become a real passion for me. I started with an Ashford Kiwi spinning wheel but recently sold that to buy a DD traddy. I also love spindling and I have a few Wildcraft resin spindles, a turkish, and a dyacraft spindle. I absolutely love knitting with my hand spun and have really come to appreciate what good yarn is now that I know how to make it myself.

I have a background in staging Shakespeare and it is a real passion for me still. I have so many ideas for shows and things that I wish I had the opportunity to stage but I am working on that.


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